We are a company whose objective is to offer the best filament products and services in the 3D printing sector. The brand was born from the market's need to find a partner, an accomplice in business that customers can trust.

Our main hallmarks are the corporate colors (purple, biche green and white) that represent passion, joy and transparency as fundamental values of the brand; in addition to our company philosophy, by which we define ourselves as a ‘cool’ brand capable of understanding and promoting the needs of our customers. For all these reasons, Winkle is a brand with clear differential advantages within the sector.


One of the brand's objectives is to contribute to achieving sustainable development on a global level.


Purple color (eggplant) represents the passion we put into our work.


It symbolizes the enthusiasm and happiness of the brand to achieve its goals.


Complicity and closeness with the client is achieved only if one is transparent and honest.


The ability to anticipate changes in the environment and consumer needs.


The services and products offered are based on achieving the highest quality for consumers.

Creativity is defined as the process of "giving birth to something new and useful at the same time." "Winkle, a pleasure that only creatives know". To establish a relationship between this new environment and reality, we use imagination and illusion. This is our reason for being. We are an innovative brand whose nature is creativity, born from the illusion and the idea of ​​developing our activity in a different way.

Wink = sympathy, closeness and complicity. We position ourselves as a brand based on a close relationship with our collaborators, clients, suppliers ...

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