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Winkle is a company specialized in the manufacture of 3D filaments.  

We were born out of the need to find a partner that customers could trust. Thanks to this, we have managed to create a high quality filament at a very competitive price.  gran variedad de materiales  con una de las gamas cromáticas más amplias del mercado.

We have a wide variety of materials with one of the widest chromatic ranges in the market. 

Our factory is located in Salamanca. Here we have the most complete machines on the market to ensure that the filament is always of the highest possible quality. In just a few years, we have managed to position ourselves as one of the major references in the national market. We are present in more than 25 countries and have a manufacturing capacity of over 800 tons per year.

In short, we are filament manufacturers and creators of a brand that works day after day to bring good vibes all over the world.

perfect winding

Avoids knots, has a constant diameter and the colours are homogeneous in all parts.

extensive catalogue

Wide range of colours and materials: PLA, PLA 870, PLA SILK, PLA TOUGH, PETG, TENAFLEX, ABS, ASA.

high quality

We have the most complete machines on the market to ensure that the filament is of the highest possible quality.


a pleasure that only creatives know"


We manufacture a 99% biodegradable product that contributes to achieving sustainable development worldwide.


We like what we do and we enjoy making a product that ends up becoming excellent creations.


Our filament could be colloquially defined as a "good vibe" and that is what we try to transmit with a creative and different brand.


Our team of professionals always attend to customers and distributors with seriousness as a flag.


We anticipate changes in the environment and are pioneers in implementing them.


The services and products offered are based on achieving the highest quality for consumers.