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    Para imprimir este filamento se recomienda una boquilla de 0,6 (como mínimo)

    Nuestro filamento PLA-WOOD (1,75mm) es un filamento fabricado en España para impresoras 3D con tecnología FFF/FDM.  El PLA es un plástico biodegradable que se obtiene de recursos naturales a partir del almidón extraído del maíz, la remolacha y del trigo.

    The PLA-WOOD is a filament with a PLA base and a 40% load of wood fibres. This textured filament based on natural fibres gives the final piece the look, feel and appearance of wood. It is perfect to make decorative pieces with a wood-like finish.

    Thanks to our exhaustive quality control, we guarantee a constant diameter throughout the winding, something that will make your prints have a much better quality, avoiding jams in your machine. In the same way, our process guarantees the absence of chemical impurities that can modify the physical, chemical and aesthetic properties of our product.

    In order to preserve the properties of our product, they are packed in a sealed bag to protect it from moisture and UV rays. This makes the PLA-WOOD a perfect and affordable material for your projects.